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A gallery with pictures of Nudibranches has been added.

Inlagt: 2010-12-16

Nordic Underwater Photography championship 2010













Rikard Godlund was awarded the gold medal in the macro theme of the 2010 Nordic Underwater Photography Championship, with the above picture, Childhood.

Inlagt: 2010-12-01

Eric Nordevall

An Image gallery with pictures from the wreck of Eric Nordevall has been published. Rikard Godlund is participating in a project to document the wreck that under normal conditions are not allowed to dive. The project has got permission from the swedish authorities.


Inlagt: 2010-10-22

Gallery Macro updated

Pictures added to Gallery Macro.

Pictures of Nudibranches and Sjurygg ( please excuse the lack of english).

Inlagt: 2010-05-26

Gallery Ice

A gallery with pictures from Icediving has been published.

Inlagt: 2010-05-26

Pictures added

Gallery Portraits has been updated with some more pictures.

Inlagt: 2010-01-25

Pic of the month

Dogfish from the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland.

Inlagt: 2009-12-29

Images added

Gallery Man and Sea, and Brothers and North has been updated.

Inlagt: 2009-11-28

Brothers and North Red Sea galleri

Finally I have published a gallery from the trip to Brothers and North Red Sea, october 2009. The gallery is dedicated my friends from Lebanon and Spain that I met at the MV Tala.

Inlagt: 2009-10-30

Image gallery update

Images from 2009 added to the Image galleries.

Inlagt: 2009-08-29

Image gallery update

The image gallery has been updated with pictures from Lysekil Sweden, march 2009.






Inlagt: 2009-03-28

Diver Magazine

The latest issue of Diver Magazine contains an article including pictures from the wonderful waters of Lyngstoylvatnet in Norway. The article has got the name Dampest Dairy, Lyngstoylvatnet Norway and you can find using this link.

You can find Diver Mazine at the adress

Inlagt: 2009-03-12

Bonaire Gallery

A gallery specifically dedicated to the wonderful island of Bonaire Netherland Anthilles has been added to the website.

Inlagt: 2009-02-11

Gallery updated

The image gallery has been updated with 10 off pictures from my archive. Mor pictures will be added later on.


Inlagt: 2009-01-06

Scandinavian championship results 2008

The scandinavian chamionship 2008 results was a disapointment in my case. I turned out to be the 17th photographer, however my picture Entering the cave from Kvinnersta Örebro was awarded a forth place in the "wide angle scandinavian conditions class".

You can watch the picture in full scale format in my Image gallery - Diver and Ocean.

Better luck and harder work for next year is the conclusion.

Inlagt: 2008-12-22

Website launched

This website was launched in november 2008, however the english pages does not contain much yet. Please visit the swedish image gallery to view pictures.
/Regards Rikard

Inlagt: 2008-11-20